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Drawing on Inner Strength

Breast cancer affects millions of women each year. While it can be deadly, with treatment, it is often curable. Even when patients recover, however, it takes a heavy toll, leaving emotional, as well as physical scars.

For example, mastectomies which can be life-saving, often leave the breasts scarred and/or deformed. Furthermore, the nipples can be obliterated, or at least distorted; and that can cause a woman to feel less then, there is no natural pigmentation.

However, at The Fine Arts of Beauty, Marcia Hale, our Intradermal Specialist can provide a marvelous solution. By strategically placing highlights and lowlights, through cosmetically tattooed micropigmentation, we can create the illusion of a three-dimensional areola!

A genuine artist , she can replicate the subtleties of natural shading, with stunning results. Moreover in cases where only one breast is being treated, she can skillfully match the circumference and coloring of the healthy breast's areola. 


Naturally, women who have had other breast surgeries, been injured in an accident, or suffer from congenital conditions that cause them to have irregular or fading areolas, can also benefit from this procedure. 


" This is a tremendous boost to a woman's self-esteem. In fact, it's remarkable how having her natural outward appearance restored can give her the inner strength she needs to heal," says Hale. " I'm truly honored to be able to help many women take this important step toward feeling complete once again." 

For more information, or to find out if Areola Restoration can help you, call Marcia Hale at (724) 680-0048 

Below are a few items you can PRE order to have at home for your after care.


Areola After Care Instructions

Help someone in need of an Areola Repigmentation Procedure! Your Donations will allow a Cancer survivor to receive this treatment at a free or reduced cost!

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