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Designer Liner? Permanently?  What IS that?  All great questions... Finally the answer is HERE!! 

There are so many questions and options when it comes to doing your eyeliner makeup. But once you figure out what looks fabulous on you, then making it permanently perfect is amazing! Not only does it look beautiful, but it also saves you so much time and effort painting it on EVERYDAY!


Best of all, it won't smudge, or smear off, and you get to look like you have naturally fuller lashes without all the mascara goop. Below is a series of pictures that will show you just a FEW of our most popular options...  (For more before/after photos, follow me on Facebook)  Up next: While we are talking about fuller lashes, let's talk about how to get FULLER lashes the best and most low-maintenance way possible. ...

Full Face Makeover
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