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Holistic and Naturopathic
Wellness  Coach

A Bit About Me- This section is under construction

Any advice offered is not a substitute for medical care. All comments and ideas are offered solely for the purpose in aiding you in awareness, and is visible for  consumption on a public platform via YouTube Creators and should be regarded with personal discernment.

These are the first steps to take in the process of cleansing and strengthening your overall well-being

 Step 1: Colon Cleanse (scroll down to learn more information about this product,
or click here to order

Step 2: Parasite and Toxin Cleanse
Scroll down to learn more about this product,
or click here
 to order:

Step 3:Add Distilled Water

         Eliminate commercially      scented perfumes, bodywashes, soaps

Step 4: Lemon Juice
(first thing in the morning
after 16 hours of fasting)


Step 5: Plant Based, cooked food

Eliminate oils, fats, butters, dairy, sugars, bread, pasta, or other processed snacks.

In this section we will be talking about consuming a plant-based diet to begin the healing process for the body. It is a gentle, easy, and enjoyable shift in food selection and preparation. Ideally we want to graduate to the level of consuming raw plants and fruits aiming to cleanse and rid the body of Mucoid Plaque by following a "mucus-less diet".  However,  it is good to start with this easier shift in diet so as not to traumatize your body's system if it is not accustomed to eating only raw foods

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Where do we get our protein?

Step 6: slowly switch to raw vegan

In this section we'll discuss the reasons and benefits of consuming a fully raw vegan diet for healing and Optimum Health!

Plant Based; Raw Vegan 
Raw Vegan Heroes

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These are Holistic and Naturopathic tools and methods to aid and assist in helping the body to heal in mind, body, and spirit

Step 7: Rebounding or vibration Plate

Step 8: Dry brushing

Step 9: Infrared Sauna Wrap

Step 10: Earthing or Grounding

Step 11: LED Light Therapy

Step 12: Aromatherapy

Step 13: Deep Breathing Therapy

Step 14: Bath Detox

Step 15: Ho'Oponopono Meditation and song  
The first video is an example of the kind of things you can think about while you listen. the 2nd video is the same type of meditation but it asks you to speak to Jesus directly while you think about the examples listed in the first video

Step 16: Sun Therapy

Step 17: Cold Therapy

Step 1-18: Herbal Therapy

Step 19: Fasting and Autophagy

Tools and Supplies
for essential daily practices
to help you on your way! 

Want a way to get all of this plus all your vitamins and minerals without taking a bazillion different pills??

Fulvic/humic acid is 100% natural, absorbed directly into the cells and can help restore how

God designed your body to work.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired; if you are losing hair and your skin is dull; if you are in pain or having a hard time losing weight..start here. Detox your body and then determine what else you need.

I will help you!

My passion is to see people well!!

I only recommend Theon Global for fulvic. Their Alpha-Bios is the best on the market and I trust them as people and I’ve tested their product.

They want everyone to be able to afford the best and just found a way to reduce their prices to help your family. For $1.99 a day you can get all of this in a tasteless powder.



Fulvic acid is considered a humic substance, meaning it’s a naturally occurring compound found in soil. Fulvic and humic acid have proven benefits to human health. Health trendsetters around the world have embraced the power of these essential nutrients. Several clinical studies have been conducted on Fulvic acid THEON GLOBAL, ALPHA BIOS consistently providing promising results!

Fulvic acid might block reactions in the body that cause allergy symptoms. It might also interrupt steps involved in the worsening of brain disorders such as Alzheimer disease. Additionally, fulvic acid might reduce swelling and prevent or slow the growth of cancer.

Several scientific studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of humates (Humic and Fulvic acid) in preventing or treating viruses. As far back as the 1970s scientific reports have found humates to be effective at the prevention and treatment of viral diseases such as influenza A, herpes, chicken pox, mononucleosis, Ebola virus, Hanta virus, and even HIV.

In a report entitled “Broad Spectrum Antiviral Effectiveness of Humates” the US government’s own National Institutes for Health studied Humic acid’s properties for fighting viral diseases. That study concluded that when Humic acid was consumed before the virus invaded the body, it was highly effective in preventing disease.


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