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Full Day One-to-One Training  $800

Spend the day with Marcia Hale, a CERTIFIED Master and CERTIFIED Instructor right by your side, guiding each of your treatments! She has been trained along side internationally  recognized leaders in this industry as  well as The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics- the leading pioneers with over 50+yrs. experience .   Pairing her Basic, Advanced, Specialty, and Masters, and Instructors Certification for Paramedical Procedures  with her dual  Fine Arts and Teaching degree  with 12+ yrs  experience, she offers classes to teach others how to become succesful as a Permanent Makeup Artist.  Since working with  Body Beautiful - Laser Medi Spa from their beginning, providing treatments such  as Photofacials, Microderm Abrasion,  skin tag, sun spot, spider vein, tattoo, and hair removal. She has been performing and teaching her Artistry of  Permanent Makeup procedures exclusively  inside Pittsburgh's Medical Mall ! Build confidence in your technique and procedure applications. Call Marcia Directly @ 724.680.0048 or email to to schedule a date and time.

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Designer Brows Workshop $1999

(includes Microblades and pigment!)

In this 2-day  extensively comprehensive Intermediate Workshop,  we will explore the various ways to create the perfect brow for the each individual client. You will learn how to evaluate the client's skin condition, natural brow hair presentation, as well as the clients goals and expectations. We will learn the differences between Microblading with a manual tool, Powder brows, Ombre brows, Creative Combination method brows, and Nano-needle Hairstroke.We will watch instructional videos, trainer demonstrations, work on practice skins, and finally, we will work with a live model.  Don't miss this incredible opportunity to develop your skills and confidence in this industry you will see immediate 

improvement in your work!! 

*You MUST have a Basic Certification to qualify for this class*


Designer Eyeliner Workshop  $600.

1-Day Class


Eyeliner is such a beautiful luxury enhancement to virtually anyone's face! Your clients will be so grateful for their permanent eyeliner! Learn how to implant beautiful eyeliner that stays true to color, or the stunning and MOST popular wedged eyeliner, or wings!  The BEST way to learn effective "Specialty" or "Designer Eyeliner" is thru Hands-On experience, working with live models! We will build on what you already know from our Basic Training.

Make a deposit of 100 to reserve your seat!

Contact: for more information!


*You MUST have a Basic Certification to qualify for this class*

Color Correction and Tattoo Removal Clinic $600

1-Day Workshop!

(includes tattoo removal solution and some corrector colors) 

 Do you know how to correct BLUE lips? Orange eyebrows? Distorted lip liner? You will leave this workshop with the techniques and skills necessary to improve less-than-desirable procedures. Come and learn color theory and color harmony as you study contrast and dominance, proportion, and intensity. We will examine contextual color basics and the efffect on our perception of color. Take your practice to the next level by overcoming the challenges of correcting the unsuccessful work of your competitors and/or covering inferior iron-oxide colors.Course includes lecture a starter kit ( 2 non-laser solution bottles) $2500-3000 revenue from kit), demonstration, hands-on training and a certificate of attendance! 

*You MUST have a Basic Certification to qualify for this class*

3D Areola Repigmentation Workshop $900

In this class, you will learn the current state-of-the-art in both cosmetic and reconstructive techniques from breast implants and enhancement to reductions and lifts as reconstructions. You will study the latest advancements in nipple and Areola reconstruction and how Areola color and shading complete the final stage of a breast reconstruction. The instructor will also discuss the psychological, social, emotional, and functional considerations of working with cancer survivors. This course includes lecture, hands-on training,  and certificate. 

*You MUST have a Basic Certification to qualify for this class*

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Skin and Scar Camouflaging Workshop  $300

The acute assessment of the skin in imperative in corrective skin care practices. Although dermatological diagnosis is reserved for physicians, an esthetician or technician's observations are vitally important in corrective paramedical procedures. In this course, you will learn how to eliminate or significantly improve the appearance of skin imperfections, scars, and will learn how scars form differently based on the location of the scar and the age of the individual and the type of injury. You will learn how to recognize common disorders and disturbances and determine what  technique would be the best solution for each individual client. The workshop includes lecture, demonstration, hands-on training and a certificate.

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