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Maggie Fung reviewed 
The Fine Arts of Beauty — 5 star

February 19 · 

I love Marcia, and totally recommend her work. No longer will you have to

worry about your makeup smudging onto your loved ones, or running during

changing climates. I had my eyebrows done, and looks absolutely amazing.

Marcia's technique is precise and advanced -- it really does look like strands

of hair. Pain is minimal due to numbing cream and recovery time, for me at

least, was anywhere from 1 day (first day after tattoo I had some slight

"stinging"), but 2nd day no pain at all. By the 4th day, I didn't have to baby

the area. Just make sure to apply A&D as Marcia suggests twice a day, etc. I am

planning on going back for permanent eye liner when I have 4 consecutive

days off!!! Totally addicted to permanent makeup! Highly recommended!!!

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1The Fine Arts of Beauty

Sherry Kalajainen Lempke reviewed 
The Fine Arts of Beauty — 5 star

February 13 · 

Marcia is an artist! She did my eyebrows at the beginning of January. I went back today to get them touched up and have my permanent eyeliner, upper and lower done. I love it and wish I would have done this long ago. I'm looking forward to continue to go back & get more! Thanks Marcia!

The Fine Arts of Beauty

The Fine Arts of Beauty Sherry! It has been a joy and a pleasure getting to know you and your beautiful face! You are MOST welcome!

Like · Reply · 1 · Commented on by Mar 'cia · February 13 at 10:47pm


Sherry Kalajainen Lempke I'll be back! 😊

Patricia Carmino reviewed The Fine Arts of Beauty — 5 star

April 17 · 

Well I had my brows and lips done with Marcia like 5 years ago,up to this day, no regrets,got lots of compliments all the time.i will say ladies do this for yourselves.


The Fine Arts of Beauty

The Fine Arts of Beauty: Patricia! I enjoy seeing your beautiful smile! Thank you for your review! It is my pleasure and joy to be your permanent makeup specialist!!

Like · Reply · Commented on by Mar 'cia · April 17 at 10:22pm


Patricia Carmino I will be with body beautiful for a very long time. do such wonderful job ,and great personality. ....

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Kathy Roettger reviewed 
The Fine Arts of Beauty — 5 star

February 26 · 

Marcia was a wonderful artist who completely reassured me by completely explaining the procedure and reminding me that it was reversible! I loved the result and came back for enhancement- just like Marcia predicted!!



Kelly Denk reviewed 
The Fine Arts of Beauty — 5 star

March 8 · 

Marcia does a fantastic job. She did my brows and I couldn't be happier.



The Fine Arts of Beauty :  Thank you Kelly! I'm so glad you are enjoying the freedom of having eyebrows! !

Like · Reply · Commented on by Mar 'cia · March 9 at 8:30am



Deborah Mitchell reviewed The Fine Arts of Beauty — 5 star

March 18 · 

Marcia is awesome!!!! I had very sparse eyebrows After Marcia worked her magic (Magnificent skills) I looked and felt like a new woman . Thanx Marcia



The Fine Arts of Beauty:   You are so VERY welcome!! It was a pleasure to help you! Im glad you are enjoying the freedom from drawing them everyday now!! Thank you for sharing your experience 💬❤

Like · Reply · 1 · Commented on by Mar 'cia · March 19 at 12:54am


Amy Shutey Petterson reviewed 
The Fine Arts of Beauty — 5 star
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