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EFFECTIVE Antioxidant Supplements. PLUS, effective Pre/PROBIOTICS vitamin D, and OMEGAS!! 



 Foods that we THINK are good for us, CAN be good for us, but we are preparing them WRONG, and in turn, creating a warfare in our bodies, harming us instead of helping us! READ the Plant Paradox, then get the cookbook. WATCH how your health, and wellness improves. NOT only that, the other thing our bodies' NEED is Antioxidants to fight all the free radicals in our bodies, but the food that's available is just not the same as it was decades ago, and even if it was, we aren't preparing it correctly to utilize it's benefits. In the Plant Paradox, you will also learn how important good gut health TRULY is- it's EVERYTHING, and yet we don't give it the attention it needs. If you are one of the few who does understand it's worth, chances are- you are NOT improving your conditions at all, unless you are taking EFFECTIVE supplements, and preparing your food properly for effective results. I have found the best puzzle pieces and made them available to learn about HERE! True quality of life can still be HAD at whatever age you are at, and with whatever issue you are struggling with!  Scroll down to order the Vitality PACK. It has the anti-oxidant supplements, Mitochondria support, PLUS the PRE and PRO Biotic supplements important for gut health, PLUS  Vitamin D, and effective OMEGAS All-In-One PACKET!!!! Your body and your skin needs replenished both on the inside and outside. That's why I posted the skincare too. The same ingredients that are meant to repair your insides can be applied topically to your skin!! Once you watch these videos, and read The Plant Paradox, you'll understand why these specific supplements are so important

ANTI-Aging and BEAUTY regimen to heal and IMPROVE your skin!

NOT Vegan!



   (contains eggs)

Pressure Cooker

Coconut Flour

Flax- Store in fridge. If you have a coffee grinder, buy them whole and grind them per use

The importance of CONSUMING antioxidants!  WATCH Dr.  Oz

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