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Please fill out the following health declaration form in order to receive services. Submissions are valid up to the activity. Should there be any changes, please notify us promptly to cancel services.  

COVID-19 Vaccine and Permanent Makeup Update

In the upcoming months, many of us are planning on receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, have already started the process, or have scheduled an appointment in the near future.

At The Fine Arts of Beauty, we would like to ensure that every precaution is taken so that permanent makeup procedures do not interfere with the vaccination process. Plus, an adverse reaction would be difficult to isolate if there is an overlap between the vaccine doses and a permanent makeup procedure.

We consulted leading medical experts in the field, and the recommendation for permanent makeup procedures are as follows:

● Do not have your permanent makeup done, 7 days prior to your FIRST dose of the vaccine.

● NO permanent makeup procedures should be done between the first and second doses.

● A waiting period of 10 DAYS following your second and third dose is recommended.

Click HERE for more information regarding the effects of the Covid Vaccine and Permanent Makeup

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