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 Basic Fundamental Class 


(once received, we'll send your practice kit-with a machine- and you can

begin your comprehensive online instruction course in the comfort of home)

Full class tuition: $4,700
Deposit for at-home, online segment of training: $2,700
Remaining balance of $2,000 is due 3 weeks prior to the hands on portion

of training. No exceptions. 
A current BBP certificate is required for all permanent makeup classes.

Basic Training Pt.1 At-Home,Online Training $2700

Basic Training  Deposit (Final) $2000 




SAVE $100- Enroll for Part 1 and 2:       $4600


Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I already own a salon, what do I need to do to have a license for this type of work? 

2. How long is this class? 

3. When can I start?

To become certified in PA for Permanent Makeup, you will need to show that you put in 100 hours of study which includes hands-on training working with live models, and several before/after photos of eyebrows, eyeliners, and lips to qualify for insurance. 

As far as the salon part of your question, you are unable to perform PMU in any room zoned under the cosmetic license. So, you may need to adjust that. Before you make any unnecessary changes to your salon, I would invite the health department to inspect your facility to let you know what you need to do to your PMU room to make it compliant. Sometimes, they may say that the room will need its own separate entrance, a sink, a bathroom, mop-able floor, red bio-hazard bags etc... sometimes you won't need any of that depending on where you are operating.

Being that you will need to log 100 hours, we have devised a way for you to do a majority of that at home, online. That will take about 50 hours. We recommend giving yourself about a month to go through it all at a comfortable pace. Then, the hands-on section of training will be done in person during 4 days back to back from 10am- 6pm, Thursday-Sunday. You may bring your own model, or we will provide one for you! 

You can start as soon as you want to get started on the at-home portion of training! Once you process your payment for Part 1, we will begin ordering your practice kit for at-home work. It will take about a week to arrive, so make sure to factor that in to your time line.

4.Is being nervous a normal thing people feel when thinking about doing this? 

Being nervous is absolutely normal! It shows you care about what you are doing, and the quality of service you will provide! I will be here for you even when class is over. I invite any/all students to come back and observe me with my clients, so you can see how I answer their questions, and how I perform each service from start to finish. You may even bring a model in to work on in my presence if you are still nervous, I will help you through it! I DO advise all my students beforehand that good vision and a steady hand is very important in this industry!

5. I imagine this can generate a really nice income for me.  Can you give me an idea about what type of money (obviously if i’m good at this) that I can expect to make? 

There are a variety of ways to charge for your services. Eyebrows are the most popular. As someone who has been doing these treatments for over 10 years, I charge $500 for any technique of brows. Sometimes, new graduates charge less just to build clientele, and until they feel more confident. That will be determined by you! Other grads will do a few procedures a day (one or two) so as not to burn out or exhaust yourself (it can be stressful at times), yet others will reserve set days for PMU treatments. Their are costs involved to get set up, for sure, and continuous education if you plan on staying current, But once you get set up, you will be able to manage your budget to replenish your supplies as needed. Here is a link to the supply list. See what each thing may cost to gauge it better:

About how much can I expect to pay for Insurance?

 Insurance for these treatments can be about $100 or less per month ( we will talk about all of that in class, and you will be provided a list of insurers!

 Hope this helps to answer your questions.

We accept Pay Pal Credit - Click on the link to see if you qualify 

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