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Fixing Bad Permanent Makeup

Fixing Bad Permanent Eyebrows

My eyebrows are.....GREEN?? why? how? SO many questions!!

Yes, it's true your eyebrows can turn black, blue, green, red, or peach. All colors that I'm sure you probably weren't planning nor hoping for. Allow me to explain a bit of the "why's" and the "how's" of the predicament, followed by possible solutions. It used to happen more often 10-20 years ago because of the type of pigments they used. They used to contain Iron Oxides. These pigments containing Iron Oxide would be implanted in your skin beautifully at one point but people were finding that within less than a year the pigments faded to an unnatural color such as blues, greens, and reds. The chemistry behind what was happening is that as our bodies use up the iron from our food or stored sources, it cleverly finds the iron it needed from the pigment in your eyebrows! The color that is left has a LOT to do with the color of your undertones. There are a few ways to tell what the color of your undertones are, one easy way is to look at your wrist. do you see your blue veins? If the answer is yes, then chances are YOU have Blue undertones and when your brows fade (and they WILL if they are not touched-up every other year or less). Olive tones are usually the easiest to detect as most people who have olive toned skin will tell you that they have green undertones. Red undertones are sometimes discovered during the summer season as the person is getting tanner, instead of tanning a golden hue, they will notice a reddish hue. This knowledge about yourself is very helpful in determining your colors before you even begin. Your technician or Specialist will know exactly which color to choose before you begin to keep it looking it's best longer. There will be times when detecting your true undertones is tricky. For instance if a brunette seems to have mostly brown hair with tones of honey or caramel or lighter, the technician might choose a color for a brunette. However, this person may come from a family with many red-heads of various tones. Naturally, the pigment you would select for a red-head is different than what you would select for a soft brunette. In this case, and it DOES happen, a simple adjustment can be made with specifically named "color-correcting" pigments.

For instance, if it heals a little blue-ish, we can warm it up with a bit of orange. If it's purple, a bit of yellow. If it heals green, you'll want to nuetralize the tone with a reddish color. Think of it this way. All colors can lead to brown. once we achieve a brown color, we can soften it, or darken it to your preference. Imagine a color wheel. the color across from red is green. When mixed together, creates brown. The color across from purple is yellow. When mixed together it makes brown. The color across from blue is orange. When mixed together, it makes, your guessed it- brown! Then we can add a little more white yellow, to soften it for blondes, or red orange to warm it up and darken it for auburns!

Ok, but HERE's where it get's tricky. Let's say that not ONLY is the color unnatural but the shape is a complete distaster, too! The most important thing you need to do is ask your technician if she agrees, and is willing to work with you to fix the situation and make it right. RED ALERT if the technician does not offer a solution plan to edit it! Do NOT return to that technician as they do not understand either YOUR preferences, or THEIR craft. AND it may only get worse. With all that being said, what if the shape is awful, as well the color?

Understandably you are angry or frustrated about the time and money you have spent only to be disappointed, and now I have just seemingly advised you not to go back to that same technician. Now, you are facing MORE fees to not only correct it, but essentially start-over! This no time to pinch pennies or save time on a shorter commute. Seek out the most reputable and experienced permanent makeup professionals you can. After doing so, you will then have input from multiple reliable sources and can make an informed decision about what to do next, or the equally important “what not to do next.”

Here are some additional helpful permanent makeup tips for you to remember especially when it comes to fixing bad permanent eyebrows:

  • The darker the eyebrows, the more applications it will take to fix them. Jumping right back into another permanent makeup procedure might not even be advised. You might require laser therapy. OR a better alternative, Solution based method that implants a solution in the same way the pigment was implanted, and watch it come to the surface of your skin to form a scab and fall off with most of the unflattering pigment in it. This method will lighten it a little bit at a time , but several treatments may be necessary. And this isn’t instant gratification either. You might need anywhere from 3 to 5 treatments spaced a month to 6 weeks apart. Then you can get permanent makeup done right.

  • The same theory applies if you are using a color corrector to bring an eyebrow down from black to brown. You have to give your skin a break and allow it to heal. Otherwise you will build up scarring. This is why I have the courage to tell new clients the harsh truth sometimes that if their eyebrows are badly misshaped or in the wrong position, the best and quickest solution is to consult with one of the plastic surgeons I work with regularly.

  • The darker the color of your permanent eyebrows, the more applications it will take to bring them back to a brown shade. Try thinking about it this way. You have a black wall. How many coats will it take to achieve painting it a light color?

  • If you have eyebrow tattoos which are in the wrong place, are multi-colored, or too dark, it’s never a case of one and done. You need to do multiple treatments to remove the bad permanent makeup. NOTE TO SELF: You absolutely should not take another color and try to cover up the damage. If you do, you’ll only create a color you’d never want or one you cannot fix without surgery.

Most people do not realize how expensive, painful, and time consuming it is to remove a bad permanent eyebrows job. So know if you are going through this at least you are not alone. Remember, “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Remember, there is a solution. And remember, this is temporary. It may not feel like it but this too shall pass. Best of luck!

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