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Microblading Classes in Pittsburgh! At The Fine Arts of Beauty

Microblading Classes in Pittsburgh!

Before you sign up for ANY PMU class:

As a certified Instructor for Permanent Makeup Training, I receive many, many (TOO MANY) calls from potential students inquiring about learning the technique of MICROBLADING, only! This is very unfortunate for the student, their future clients, and their career and the business of permanent makeup, making that show "Botched" on E! (a show about 2 Doctors who fix other doctors' bad cosmetic surgeries) now relevant to the PMU industry as well. At The Fine Arts of Beauty, we consider Microblading a TECHNIQUE of permanent eyebrows. A sub category, if you will. An advanced technique, too!! IT IS NOT a sole career! Nor should it be the only technique you can offer your clients. By definition any time pigment or ink is implanted in the skin, it is considered a tattoo! It is not better than the other techniques for permanent eyebrows. As a matter of fact, it is probably worse, less cost efficient, and more maintenance! If you consider what is happening to your poor skin as you are getting the procedure done, it is essentially a blade (that looks kind of like an Exact-o knife) and it is used to carve lines in the shape of hairs. These lines are wounds that they then slather pigment on in the hopes that the pigment will fill up the carved skin and some of it will stay during the healing process. Hopefully your technician has not bladed too deep, scarring your skin for life thus inhibiting any new hair growth in that area. The following pictures are botched brows from artists who only learned how to microblade. Who took a two day class and based an entire business on that, OR uses this one brow technique to fill in the gaps between appointments while their other services are not busy... Neither one of these pictures can be fixed using ONLY microblade. These clients were not even good candidates from the beginning! But since its popular and less time consuming to learn ONE eyebrow technique from trainers who aren't even certified, whose own work is not appealing, and deemed themselves worthy to take payment to pass down the undesirable knowledge of microblading. These trainers not only teach it, but encourage this practice. The unknowing student is never informed of this information, but rather blindly led by someone who stands to profit from the ignorance of the community.

If you are working with a technician who can only offer one technique or is unable to give you custom brows, KEEP LOOKING! It is the technicians actual job to learn all the different techniques to provide you with custom brows. One microblader said, "I switched to microblading bc it was easier for me. Learning how to manage my machine was too hard, and was too time consuming to practice or learn other techniques. I would rather just take my chances." As a paying client, you deserve better. You deserve custom brows. Brows made to suit your face, not the one-size-fits-all microblading pattern they learned at their one or two day class. If you are a serious student, establish a good foundation using a machine to work on all areas of the face. Practice and master the basics first. THEN, when you understand from experience what's going on from start to finish, then learn another technique to use as a tool in your toolbox when you need it! I challenge you as the client to ask your artist if she knows how to do all the techniques... and I encourage you as the artist, to learn all that you can! MICROBLADING could not fix those botched brows. Only an artist trained with a machine!


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